School mission

Private primary school Gone Qveknisa is based on LLC teachers qualification of Kutaisi zonal Institute at the base, which constantly takes place in modern educational space the survey requirements of the corresponding education system, the update/ change form, if necessary, comprehension, processing, and use. The fact that education represents a dynamic sphere of activity, development and innovation in the non-stop subject of the schools mission is to:

Applied Physics and programming lessons

           How do we communicate educational material to students? How do we spark interest in learning? How do we form ability to use theoretical knowledge in practice? There is on answer- education shold be attractive and intersting. It should be based on achievements of modern supertechnologies. It should include projects to instill and realize this technology, which will allow students to get familiar with physical occurences, basics of programming, creating and using simple algorithms both in virtual and non-virtual reality. These types of lessons are based on education through detailed study of natural occurences or mechanisms, models etc. For example, what are the requirements to find out principles of how a robot works? We need to learn mechanics, electronics, waves, optics, programming languages and algorithms. At the same time, practical works includes taking part in creation of similar devices, which will allow students to create and programm simple mechanisms, deepen their knowledge and gain experience. Process of project realization involves anylising various occurenses and undersdanting its intrinsic properties as well. There is a saying – “we should study for life and not for school”. Therefore the subject that develops and improves practical use of theoretic knowledge is of high importance. It would aid students to: 


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